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Train No Train Name Boarding Date Class
From To Reservation Upto Boarding Point
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Passengers Details:

S.No Booking Status
(Berth No,Coach No, Quota)
Current Status
Coach No/Berth No
Charting Status
Symbol Description
CAN / MOD Cancelled / Modified Passenger
PQWL Pooled Quota Wait List
WL# Waiting List Number
RAC Reservation Against Cancellation
GNWL General Wait List
CNF / Confirmed Confirmed (Berth/Coach number will be available after chart preparation)
RELEASED Ticket Not Cancelled But Alternative Accommodation Provided
REGRET/WL Not More Booking Permitted
R## RAC Coach Number Berth Number
WEBCANRF Railway Counter Ticket Passenger cancelled through online(internet) and Refund collected
WEBCAN Railway Counter Ticket Passenger cancelled through online(internet) and Refund not collected
DPWL Duty Pass Waitlist
RQWL Roadside Quota Waitlist
TQWL Tatkal Quota Waitlist

PNR status

Are you worried about the PNR status of your train? Do you want to travel tension-free? Do you want to know whether your train coach position online is running as per the schedule? Or if the train has been cancelled due to some reason?? Will you get the preferred seat?


Imagine you are preparing for your much planned and long awaited holiday. You have chosen the hotel you are going to stay, and decided the activities you are going to do at that place. You have already started living that dream! But the tickets that you have booked are not confirmed yet. What will you choose – to constantly live in the anxiety and uncertainty of the status of your booked ticket? Or keep yourself equipped with the knowledge and update of the status of the same?

At we will provide you all the necessary information about the status of your booked ticket. With your IRCTC ticket pnr status check, you can find out the status of the reserved ticket with just a single click. Just logon to our website and find out the confirmation status of your railway ticket online.

How painful it will be to carry the family and the well packed luggage; not to mention the joy and dreams of a happy journey and wait at the railway station, only to know at the very last moment that the tickets have not been confirmed. And we all know very well how difficult it is to get another set of tickets at the very last moment. Even the “friendship” and “request” with the TTE does not always work!  Will you travel without a confirmed ticket, that too with the family? Bad idea; believe us, not all the adventures are enjoyable!

We are sure you would choose the latter, isn’t it?

Such tragedies totally spoil the fun of travel; leave aside the expectations associated with the travel plan. How good it would be to know well in advance whether your Indian railways train ticket is confirmed or not! So that you can execute your Plan B at the right time!

  • So next time you have an unconfirmed ticket, logon to our website and check the status online with the ITRCTC PNR status number online.
  • You don’t have to wait till the final reservation chart is prepared and stuck on the rosy railway coaches!
  • All the required information is available readily with you, which is just a website away.
  • Just click on the website, enter the PNR number and check the status of your reservation online in a few seconds.

Not only the PNR number, we can help you with other Indian Railways travel related details as well; like the availability of the train, route of your travel by a particular train; or the seats, etc. Also, we would help you to find out if there is any cancellation or changes in the schedule of the Indian Railways trains. All information about train rescheduling for a particular day are available on our website, all for your assistance.

Small but important information like the position of the coaches is also available with us. So for any such handy information about the trains, their availability or PNR number status, just refer to us and consider your problem solved.

No one will deny that the above are just a few questions one has in mind when he thinks about a train journey. The first step to train coach position to your chosen destination is to book a train ticket.  But it is not as simple as it looks. You need to block the dates first, and then decide the destination; then select which class you wish to travel; then check whether the tickets are available for those dates! Phew!!

What if we tell you that we will provide you all your train travel solutions under one umbrella?

Yes you heard it right! We at provide you all the train travel and check PNR status related services under one roof. Do you remember the earlier times when booking a train ticket used to be a Himalayan task? Right from approaching a travel agent or standing in the miles long queue for reservation of seats was difficult. But due to advancement of technology and general awareness, now train tickets booking has become a very easy task. As such, nowadays planning a holiday is like just a few minutes away!

But still, certain things like the availability of trains, IRCTC availability or frequent rescheduling or cancelled trains remain a matter of concern. Due to bulkiness and slow speed of online ticket booking portals, it becomes difficult to again and again visit them to check the status of the train or the ticket.

Whether you are planning for a long distance travel or a short distance travel, we will help you to spot your train running status and find out whether or not there is any change in the schedule of the train. Not only this, we will provide you the information about the train route, and availability of seats as well.


Just go ahead and book your tickets based on the availability on the IRCTC portal. So your problem of whether seats will be available in the Indian railways trains or train route is totally solved. Our problem is that we only give a lot of importance to the destination, but not to the travel. There is also a category of people who do not even mind if their tickets and start to the railway station with packed bags!

To all such people out there – we would insist you give equal importance to the journey as well! So log on to the cancelled trains todayand make your journey a more comfortable and more memorable one! Even if you have not got a confirmed ticket – whether it is in RAC or in waiting list, finding out the status of your unconfirmed ticket is just a click away!

  • Just enter your PNR number and find out the live train status of your ticket confirmation.
  • So just before starting for your voyage, you can be rest assured that you travel with a confirmed ticket, avoiding mishaps.
  • We would also tell you the LIVE status of the train – whether the train is on schedule or it has been cancelled or whether the train has been train rescheduled - all in the same website.
  • Not only of the train in which you are travelling, will we let you know the schedule of other trains also! So no worries if your daughter is travelling alone from her place to yours.
  • You will be able to track the way of her train and keep your worries at bay!

How will you feel when you have reached the station, ready to travel with fully packed bags and food and you suddenly find out that your train route has been cancelled? We understand the agony and frustration you will face at that situation. After all travelling is not just travelling, it is making memories! To avoid such situation, we provide you a handy solution by letting you know in advance about the cancellation of trains, so that you can re-plan your journey afresh.


Some people are also worried about the position of their coaches. For the comfort of our beloved senior citizens and family people, who do not want to run with their heavy luggage after the train arrives; we have a provision of finding out the tentative position of the coaches. Also, those who are also very particular about the position of their seat availability, this information are very handy and easily available. All the information about the position of your coach is available online!

  • Similarly, we will also provide you accessible information about list of trains rescheduled today.
  • As we are all aware that due to heavy rains or fog sometimes the trains are late by even 24 hours!
  • Without prior information, you might end up waiting at the station unnecessarily causing inconvenience to you and your beloved family.
  • It might also happen that you are waiting for a relative of yours to visit you by some train today, and unaware of the revised schedule of the train you end up waiting for him for hours together - totally unnecessarily!
  • To avoid situations like this, we have the provision to spot your train for rescheduling. Also, yet again, you can find out the revised schedule of the train in which your relative was supposed to visit you!

So in short, we are here to provide you with all the possible information about you Indian railway seat availability journey and ticket - all this only to make your journey a more comfortable one. So forget your travel worries, and visit all the travel and train coach position information related information. Information that helps you to plan and enjoy your journey! We really mean it when we say we want you to have a HAPPY JOURNEY!

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