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Ever wondered, there is always a lot of crowd in the major Railway Stations in India. People are always travelling somewhere or the other. All of the travels give us the best experience in life, and sometimes it becomes the other way round. Altogether, all these journeys help us to add more and more pages to the book of our life. Everyone wants to escape the boredom of routine life and getaway to some exciting place for a pleasant change.

With every planned journey, there are many other feelings associated. Like the excitement of travelling, joy of family with the family, new friends and so on! We cannot stop dreaming about the place where we are going, and the planning of doing different activities there is never ending. Parents will be busy thinking of plans to stop children going out of control, and the children will be busy thinking of different ways to slip out of their parents’ hands to have fun.


But in case of Indian Railways, travelling is uncertain until the train actually starts. This might sound a little offensive but in the past there have been instances when trains have been cancelled trains today without any prior information. Sometimes the reasons were genuine, like heavy rains or dense fogs during winters in the Northern parts of the country. Sometimes issues like non-availability of drivers have also caused cancellation of trains in the past.

How would you feel when you arrive at the Indian Railways station, all packed up and prepared for the journey with your family and friends and suddenly you find out that the train in which you were supposed to travel has been cancelled due to some unforeseen and unexplainable reasons. Leave apart the reasons, no one can compensate for the broken hearts and spoiled plans of a fun holiday.

Will it not be great if you could easily know whether or not your train is running on schedule, or whether there is any cancellation or rescheduling done with your train? Do you want to know the status of your train online? Do you want to know whether your train will arrive on time or will it be late as per the schedule? Would the information about the cancellation of your train not help you?

What if we tell you that we will help you with the live information about the cancelled trains right on your mobile or laptop – all just a click away!

  • Visit us at  and find out the list of all trains that have been cancelled for a given day (or date).
  • Just click on the “Cancelled Trains” tab and the entire list of the cancelled trains is displayed on your screen.
  •  For example if you want to know the list of trains cancelled today, just select the today’s date and you can easily find out the cancelled trains. 
  • Hence you can easily find out the IRCTC cancelled trains. Also, you can find out the same data for the other dates also.
  • The entire list of trains cancelled today in made available to you, right in front of your eyes. Now you don’t have to run behind the TTE or the porters or the reservation counters to find out whether the trains are cancelled or just late.


Such convenience is provided only to ensure ultimate comfort of the travellers. You can find out the list of cancelled trains within few seconds. So next time when your child is travelling back home and the train is cancelled, you don’t have to sit at home worried about how he or she will reach home. You yourself can make an alternate arrangement looking at the cancelled train list and bring your child back home! That’s one of the advantages of using our website. We provide you all the necessary information, to make your and your dear one’s travel comfortable and stress free.

Not only this, you can easily spot any train any time, LIVE on your laptop or your mobile screen. Live information on your computer or your smartphone is the most useful instrument you can use to manage your expensive time. Hence we provide you all the details about the cancelled trains within few seconds. Not only the information about the status of the Indian Railways trains, but so many other details about your train are also easily available with us. Just visit our website for any real time data about the train and your journey.  Be it the PNR status of your ticket or the cancellation of your train or rescheduling of the train or the train route – all the information is readily available at your disposal.


Apart from the aforesaid details,

  • We will provide you all the details about the status of your ticket (PNR status), or about the correct status of your train (running status – the timing, expected delay, etc.), or about cancellations or re-scheduling of your trains.
  • You have to no longer depend on the porters or local shop keepers at the railway station to give you the knowledge about the position of your coach in your Indian Railways train.
  • We will provide you that information also, that too a LIVE one! All you need to do is to visit our aforesaid website for any such details about your travel.

All the above mentioned facts are enough to prove to you that we are focused to provide you all the important and necessary information you would need about your Indian Railways train journey and ticket. In other words, you can enjoy your train journey to the fullest, without any stress on your mind regarding cancellation of your train or your tickets. We are here to cater you all the information starting from PNR to the train running status of your train.

Visit us at all the Indian railways related details. We will assist you with all the essential info to make your train journey a much more stress-free and calm one.

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