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Who doesn’t enjoy travelling?

Children generally love travelling and going out. As such, they would always prefer going out somewhere or the other. Especially they love travelling by train. Sitting at the window seat and looking at the beautiful view outside is their favorite pass time. They get thrilled at watching the various things outside – the houses, the greenery, the buildings, the bridges and so on.

Most of the people love travelling by train. Some like the train journey for the beauty of the route; some for the slow pace of the journey; and some for the love for travelling with the family. But certainly everyone has a reason to love the journey. Especially, travelling on the Indian landscapes is the best possible experience because of the diversity of the nature, and the diversity of the people. Travelling from Trivandrum to Srinagar will give you a glance of almost all the cultures and places of the beautiful country.

Evergreen train fascination:

However, the train journey becomes even more interesting if you get a thorough knowledge about the various stations that take you to your destination. You can definitely plan to make your special purchases at the upcoming railway stations for the specialties available at that location. Also, let us not forget the delicacies you could munch on to make your journey more spiced up and fascinating. Kids enjoy the local food more than anyone else, isn’t it? What is wrong in multiplying the fun?

Suspense has its own fun, but not always:

We know that you would also agree to us. When you are travelling by train, it is really important to know the upcoming station names and their correct timings. This not only makes the journey much more exciting but also a hand on information about the upcoming places will equip you with more knowledge and preparation towards the journey. And of course, you need answers for the never ending questions of the kids travelling with you, about the place, the people, the food and the culture!

Planning for the destination is undoubtedly important, so is the knowledge of the route. Also in case of any emergencies, it is important that you know the places and aware of the routes. Once you have booked your tickets to the destination, or even before that, you can easily find out the route of the Indian railways train.

Our assured information is your railway track:

We agree that all the details about the train route are available in the Indian Railways directory. But looking at the size of the bulky book is it easy to carry the same with you while you travel? A big NO, isn’t it? In particular, when you are already carrying a big luggage with you (not to mention the family) it would be great. So it will be really easy if someone helps you to get a thorough knowledge of the route which your train is going to follow. Yes, we are talking about the “mobile Indian railways information book”.

  • Visit us at and click on the “route” tab to view the route which your train is going to follow. 
  • Just enter the Indian railways train number and click on “Get Route” to know the entire details about the rail routes.
  •  Starting arrival time and departure time, we will provide you the details like the total halt time of the train in that station and the distance the train is expected to cover in the due course of time.
  • So you can stay calm while you are travelling, enjoying the journey as well because you have all the rails route information.

Not only the information about the status of the Indian Railways trains, but so many other details about your train are also readily available with us. Just visit our website for any real time data about the train and your journey.

We Ensure Your Comfort:

Apart from the general train route information about the PNR of the Indian Railways train ticket booking; a lot of other information about your train journey is also freely available on our website. I could be the cancellation or rescheduling of the train or the strain route or the live status of the train – all the information is readily available, and all that is just a click away.

  • We will also provide you the details about availability of seats in your chosen train, which is the pre-condition for booking of Indian railways train tickets. This will help you to decide whether to travel by this particular train or to look for some other train in which seats are available.
  • We will provide you the necessary information about the Indian Railways trains cancellation and re-scheduling so that your journey can be planned and re-planned well in advance. This will help you to have a more comfortable journey.
  •  Similarly, we will provide you the hand-on information about the rescheduled trains as on any particular date, again to enable to plan your travel. After all, your comfort and that of your family is the most important thing that you have in your mind.

Waiting at the railway station, and not sure where your coach will stand? What do we often do – ask the porter or the ”Coolie” or the local fruits vendors or “Chaiwala” for the tentative position of the coach. He may or may not give you the correct answer always! Who would know better than the Indian Railways Authorities? Yes, and that’s where we fetch the information from. So you can comfortably place yourself near your coach and board comfortably. Another step to a comfortable journey!

So in short, we are serving to furnish you with all the necessary  information you would require about your train journey and ticket - all this only to make your journey a more memorable one. You can happily forget all your travel related apprehensions. Grab your phone now and visit us at all the Indian railways travel related information. Info that would assist you to plan and enjoy your journey to the fullest!

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