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Many people consider train journeys more comfortable than the journeys by bus. This is primarily because of the better seating arrangement in the trains than the buses. Ask the senior citizens the fun in sitting with legs kept straight on the opposite seats, parallel to the ground. And you can lie down whenever you feel like, that’s the benefit of reservation in Indian Railways trains. Sometimes it becomes necessary that you get the seats of your choice, because not all are capable of or comfortable in climbing up on the upper berths in trains. Especially in the long duration journeys, it is extremely important that you get seated as comfortably as you can.


The knowledge and experience that a train journey to a far off place can provide you can never be matched with any other source of information.  But when your mind is pre-occupied with the stress and anxiety of the uncertainties of the journey and discomforts, how will you even think of gaining knowledge?

So it becomes most important that you are seated comfortably and have a great time travelling so that you spend all your time enjoying the journey rather than worrying about the same.

But all this needs one major condition – which is that the journey has to be comfortable in exactly all aspects. Whether it is IRCTC railway ticket booking confirmation or getting the seat of your choice or getting good travel mates or the hygienic interiors in the railway coaches etc. Though many of the aforesaid factors are out of your hands, there are a few things you can help with!


The first thing that anyone takes into consideration is the availability of seats in the train. If seats are not available in one particular train, you choose to select the next best available alternative – either another train to the selected destination or any other mode of travel to reach the destination of your choice. If nothing seems to work out, you go for the next best solution – change of travel date or change of the destination itself! So you need to know the information about the availability of trains, as well as railway enquiry seat availability.

But don’t worry; we will help you with this information also.

  • Visit our website and fill in the details to get the information on availability of seats for the chosen train.
  • All you need to do is to key in the basic information like “source station” and “destination station” and the travel dates to get the information on Indian Railways seat availability.
  •  You will be serves with the details.
  • You will also be required to enter the quota under which you are planning to travel to get the necessary details.
  • By visiting our website you can find out the IRCTC seat availability.

When you understand the dates and days when your train is available, it becomes easier to plan your travel. Applying for leaves or booking hotels at your destination holiday spot becomes a lot easier when you know the specific time slot of your travel. It is also useful to plan the railway reservation seat availability in case of booking backward or return journey also.


You can have a fair idea about IRCTC train availability also, so that you can make alternate travel arrangements at your comfort and convenience. Even if you wish to make alternate arrangements, you can get all the required information on our website. After all, it is our duty to provide you all the important information to help you in planning your travel. So you can easily make enquiry about IRCTC train seats availability or reservations availability to carry on with booking and other things for your journey.

We will also provide you the information whether your train is running as per the correct schedule or not, or whether your train has been rescheduled or even cancelled for some reason? We would let you know the live status of your train on your laptop or computer. Do you want to know whether your train will arrive on time or will it be late? Would you not be interested in knowing the arrival and departure schedule of your train?


Not only the information about the IRCTC availability of the Indian Railways trains, but so many other details about your train are also readily available with us.

  • Just visit our website for any real time information about the train and your journey.  
  • Be it the PNR status of your ticket or the re-routing or rescheduling of the train or the strain route – all the information is readily available at your finger-tips.
  • We would also be letting you know the trains running status, and help you spot your train with ease.
  • You will be able to know about the running status – the timing, expected delay, or about cancellations or re-scheduling of your trains.
  • You do not have to solely depend upon the Indian Railways directory for small or big information about the IRCTC seat availability.  
  • Besides, you will also be able to get the details about the entire route of the train in which you are travelling. This in turn will help you in many different ways. Like availability of food or medicines in the upcoming stations are to name a few.

You can easily make out that we are focused to provide you all the important and necessary information you would need about your train journey and ticket. In short, you can enjoy your journey to the fullest, without any anxiety or stress on your mind regarding your journey. You can sit back relaxed and forget all your travel related apprehensions. Visit us at all the IRCTC railway seat availability enquiry and more related information. Our main motive is to help you with all the needed and possible information to make your Indian railway enquiry seat availability train journey comfortable and easy. We wish you a Happy Journey!

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