Train Coach Position on Plateform | Train Seat Position From Engine at Station


Indian Railways is one of the most complex and widely extended railways network in the world. Indian Railways Trains in India run throughout the length and breadth of the country and connect even the farthest of the areas. Most of the people prefer to travel by train when it comes to travelling to long distances.

We help you to sort out your budget problem:

Train journeys are less expensive and more comfortable. For people who cannot afford to travel by flight, travelling by train is the next best option. The cost of tickets is quite economic. The only disadvantage while comparing with the flights is that the train journey is a little time consuming. But the whole journey is exciting and there is never a gloomy moment watching the real beauty of the nature and the various places. In fact in one of the Bollywood movies, the protagonist claims that if someone wishes to see the real India, he must travel in the second class compartment of an Indian Railways train with an unreserved ticket!

Another very interesting place is the Railway Station. Full of people! All the 365 days of the year you can see the maddening crowd of travellers hurriedly walking here and there to catch their train and board in their coaches. The sounds of the train whistles and horns can be heard everywhere.  The lady making announcements about the arrival and departure of the trains is constantly buzzing into your ears. Vendors selling tea and coffee, and the aroma of samosas and sandwiches fill your mind with freshness.

How will you tackle your situation at last boarding?

If you are boarding the train in a smaller station, then finding out the train coach position is not a very difficult task. However, sometimes the vastly spread railway stations in India can be very confusing and puzzling. You will be required to find out your train among so many other trains. The second challenge is to locate your coach before boarding onto it. Doing the same amongst the pool of people running from one place to another in hurry, and the bunch of coolies walking around carrying heavy stuff on their heads shouting out loud is a big task in its own.

In the middle of all this turmoil, you will be carrying your own luggage and your family. Just imagine how you will be able to walk through all this and search for your coach. Without the information of the position of your coach, can you think of the difficulty you would face in the whole process of boarding the train? It will be a big headache for you and your family. Situation will be worse if any senior citizen is also travelling with you. With small children also the situation is unimaginable.

We will give you alert message when your train is ready to move:

You need to depend upon the announcements made in the railway station continuously in Hindi, English and the local language, which would give you an idea about the platform on which the train will arrive. Sometimes, you might just miss hearing it properly because of the terrible noise all around you.

But finding out the position of the train coach position from engine is very difficult. Again, if the train is a smaller one, it is not a big problem. But if the train is like 20 or 25 coaches long, it will be very difficult to locate your train coach.

  • We will provide you a solution to this problem also.  We at provide you all the information about the most tentative position of your coach on the station.
  • So all you need to do is to visit the aforesaid website and select the “Train Coach Position” to find out the position of your train coach position online
  • You can hence easily find out the coach position of the running train.
  • You can also find out the availability of the seat and availability of IRCTC trains by visiting the website.

Some people are always stressed about the position of their coaches from the engine. This is the special provision for the ease and comfort of the senior citizens and family members, who do not want to run with their heavy baggage after the arrival of the train on the station. We will help you in finding out the running train coach position. Also, for those who are also very keen about the position of their seat inside the coach, this information is very convenient and easily accessible. All the train coach position information is available online!

So whether it is a long distance travel or a short distance travel, we will provide you all the information about your journey, your train and your ticket. Starting from the PNR status of your ticket we will give you all the details. You can easily find out the important details like the running status of the train – whether the train is running time or not. Also, we will let you know whether there is rescheduling of the trains in case the train is running late. Even if at all the trains have been cancelled, we will provide you that information also.


If you want to know the entire route of the train, here we are to give you that information also. This tab will also help you to find out the scheduled arrival time and departure time of the train in each and every station on the route.

  • We are here to provide you all the possible information about you train journey and ticket - all this only to make your journey a more relaxed one.
  • Our intention is to help you out with the most accessible information so that you don’t have to depend on any local vendor or the porter for your travel related information.
  • All the information will be made available to you on your laptop computer or your mobile phone.
  • So you can totally leave behind all your travel apprehensions, and visit all the travel related information.

You can further use the information to plan and enjoy your journey! We welcome you to the whole new world of IRCTC information.

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