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Train Running Status

Train journeys are more comfortable than journey by bus. One major comfort is the availability of toilets and a lot of space makes trains a better choice. Train journeys are always enthralling. They not only fill your hearts with excitement and charm, but also make you feel relaxed and free. You meet new people and make new acquaintances and friends. There is a new learning of one or the other kind that you gain in every travel to make. In short, you just feel happy and fulfilled.


Train journey is an escape from our boring and wearisome routine life. Above all, you make such beautiful memories that last with you for a lifetime. The train moves through stunning landscapes and lush green fields and tresses, making the journey immensely pleasant and unforgettable. What a great thrill it is to watch the tracks moving backwards when your train moves forward! The eternal confusion whether we are moving ahead or the world is moving onward is on every child’s mind!! The excitement gains pace as the train gains speed. Your train would pass the most rural villages, and also the most advanced cities, all to add to your amusement and excitement. For children there is so much to learn and enjoy!


But all this needs one pre-requisite – which is that the journey has to be comfortable in literally all aspects. Be it the ticket booking confirmation, or getting the seat of your choice, or getting equally great travel mates, or the levels of hygiene maintained inside the coaches, or the weather conditions you choose to travel in, or there is no change in schedule of the train due to any random reason, to name a few! Though many of the aforesaid factors are out of your hands, there are a few things you can help with!

Will it not be great if you could easily know whether or not your train running status live on schedule, or whether there is any cancellation or rescheduling done with your train?

Do you want to know the live train running status? Do you want to know whether your train will arrive on time or will it be late? Would you not be interested in knowing the arrival and departure schedule of your train?

Who is not excited about travelling? The very moment we pack our bags and start searching for a comfortable dress for the much awaited exciting train journey, our adrenaline is at its peak! We wish to have the record of each and every moment about our train.

What if we tell you that we will help you with the live information about the train running status on the go?

In fact, there are people who check whether the train has reached the particular station as per the scheduled time, every time the train stops at a station! Such is the level of their involvement and attention to perfect timing!

  • Visit us at  and find out the live train status at once.
  • Go to the “train running status” tab and just enter the train number mentioned on your ticket and the date for which you want to know the running status and submit!
  • All the details about the arrival time and the departure time as against the scheduled arrival time and scheduled departure time will be furnished on your computer or mobile screen. 
  • This information will be with respect to the particular station where the train is supposed to be at that particular time.
  • This module will also show whether the train has been cancelled or rescheduled.

Such convenience is provided only to ensure utmost comfort for the passengers. You can find out the running status of the IRCTC train status on the go. Is your father waiting at the station to receive you, and the train is running late by 1 hour? Check the running train status and inform your father! This will not only save his time and energy, but also kill his stress and anxiety. What more would you need?


Similarly, someone who is going to receive his friend or relative at the railways station can check the running status of the train beforehand and plan his presence in the station accordingly.

You can spot your train at any time, LIVE on your mobile screen. Live information on your computer or your smartphone is the most useful tool you can use to manage your valuable time. Save your precious time and seek the information easily accessible through your mobile phones!


The information about the status of the Indian Railways trains, but so many other details about your train are also readily available with us.

  • Just visit our website for any real time data about the train and your journey.
  •  Be it the PNR status of your ticket or the re-routing or rescheduling of the train or the strain route – all the information is readily available at your finger-tips.
  • We will provide you all the details about the status of your ticket (PNR status), or about the correct status of your train (running status – the timing, train live status, expected delay, etc.), or about cancellations or re-scheduling of your trains.
  • You have to no longer depend on the porters or local shop keepers at the railway station to give you the knowledge about the position of your coach in your Indian Railways train.
  • We will provide you that information also, that too on line! Just visit our website for any such details about your travel.

You can easily make out that we are focused to provide you all the important and necessary information you would need about your train journey and ticket. In short, you can enjoy your journey to the fullest, without any anxiety or stress on your mind regarding your journey. You can sit back relaxed and forget all your travel related apprehensions. Visit us at all the Indian railways travel related information. We will facilitate you with all the necessary information to make your train journey a much more relaxed and comfortable one.

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